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Which is Better Antivirus – Avast vs Kaspersky?
By Matt
October 14, 2020
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The antivirus security protection framework between Avast vs Kaspersky is often not understood by many people. Avast and Kaspersky are commonly regarded by many cybersecurity professionals as the most recognized and effective antivirus applications on the market. But have you ever wondered which one, whether it is online or offline, is better in terms of protecting all the security corners? With our full comparative study below, we will work this issue out for you.

Avast vs Kaspersky: Our Rating Based on Application Performance

#1. Features


The most basic level of security provided by Avast is Avast Free Antivirus. It does not cost you a dime, but it also lacks all the advanced features and utilities required to prevent and give you full peace of mind from sophisticated malware attacks.

Avast contains, a series of sophisticated security scans. This is distinct from the “Smart Scan” that you see on the main menu of the software. You will see a range of choices when you click on the “security” tab, including “Full Virus Scan” and “Boot-Time Scan.”

Avast has a stable delete feature that can delete a file several times by writing over it, removing all traces of it from your computer. The app works as advertised, but it is difficult to see who, other than security researchers, wants it. There is a VPN add-on for which you can pay, but for less, other standalone VPNs offer similar features.

To sum up, Avast has won us over with its free version, but when it comes to paid and premium pricing, it has lost its balance.


For Windows, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a simple antivirus product. It protects against all forms of malware, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware, in real-time and on-demand.

Kaspersky protects from digital threats of all kinds. The Vulnerability Scanner tool tests for exploitable patches and loopholes. The Silent Mode utility allows you without any distractions to enjoy games or movies. In the suite, advanced, multi-layered ransomware security is also integrated.

To help protect you online, Kaspersky Secure Money is included as well. This is an isolated browser for online banking or shopping that provides you with a safe web environment. It defends against keyloggers and the capturing of screenshots.

To sum up, Kaspersky paid antivirus has all the suitable features that you could expect from an ideal antivirus application and it will always keep your device protected, whether online or offline.

#2. Malware Protection


To test the capability of Avast antivirus, we exposed a set of malware samples to the antivirus. Avast was able to report the existing threats and able to fix them. With a high protection rate, Avast came forward. It has been showing the same results for almost a year, which places it in the same group as Norton, ESET NOD32, and other antivirus security scores.


Malware is evolving at a quick pace, and no antivirus can block it without a proper layer of protection. To fight the current threats, Kaspersky has one of the most advanced anti-malware engines on the market and is constantly introducing new modules. We exposed the antivirus with malware samples to verify this software’s real-world capabilities.

On both antivirus applications, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives were carried out, and both applications were outstanding in their category of malware security.

#3. Application Processing

Not only does a reliable antivirus software protect your computer from online attacks, but it also uses limited device resources to prevent your PC from crawling. We have used both applications on low-performance computers, standard performance computers, and high-performance computers to better understand application processing on a system.


The efficiency of the Avast application slowed down more than 20 percent when 50 popular websites were launched simultaneously with 5 commonly used applications. The application struggled to run high processes in certain instances to cope with its security measures to keep all files secure on the device.


The efficiency of the Kaspersky application slowed down around 10 percent when 50 popular websites were launched simultaneously with 5 commonly used applications. The application stayed stable to run high processes in all instances to cope with its security measures to keep all files secure on the device.

#4. Pricing

For most individuals, affordability is a significant determinant when it comes to making a final purchasing decision. Therefore, at lower prices, outstanding antivirus software provides excellent value.

Avast Pricing

Kaspersky Pricing

#5. User-Interface

Kaspersky and Avast both consider user-friendliness and ease of navigation as one of their top priorities. Especially if you are a novice, you need to be sure that the antivirus software you choose is simple to use. We can see if Kaspersky and Avast are user-friendly, from installation to general use afterward, to guide you.


You will love Avast’s user-friendly interface because it is easy to use, even for those with only basic computer skills. The buttons are big and well-arranged and simple to see. Using Avast’s intuitive and quick control panel, all options can be accessed with just a few clicks. On the left hand is a side rail that, if you want to perform specific tasks, houses all the operations in a comprehensive menu.


The open-frame graphic user-interface of Kaspersky uses light colors, and most of the important features are prominently shown on the dashboard, such as Scan and Parental Controls. All choices are within your easy reach, as almost all functions can be accessed with just a few clicks. On the banner, a big green checkmark shows that your machine is safe. The checkmark transforms into a red X in the event of some problem. At the bottom of the page, your subscription status is shown, and you will be notified when you are close to the renewal date.

#6. Customer Support

Antivirus companies such as Kaspersky and Avast are the same as every other company, requiring the best customer service to help fix possible customer problems. Happy clients suggest the company continues to enhance its services and resolves issues quickly.


The Avast help page forum, knowledgebase, and ‘how-to’ pages are somewhat close to what Kaspersky has to offer. We were impressed by the phone, ticket, and email support of this company during our study. The agents are quicker, more compassionate, and are often prepared to offer a helping hand. There is no live chat, however, and behind Kaspersky, Avast is struggling in that respect.

You will be forced to pay a huge price for the privilege if you need phone help. Direct technical support is provided by Avast Total Care. This is a big added expense on top of your Avast subscription, at $199 per year, and it is not anything we can suggest.


Kaspersky’s customer service options are awfully bad for a big antivirus provider. It does not appear that direct assistance is something that Kaspersky wants to provide. Via social media, you can send some support requests, but there is no live chat, and phone support does not appear to be an option, either. Kaspersky does offer a ticket support option, but it is concealed in the website’s bottom header.

Kaspersky offers a knowledge base with valuable guides and a community platform for asking questions if you need help. The knowledge base is extensive, broken down into categories by commodity and by common problems. The platform, separated by product and language, is involved. Customers and employees respond to questions and problems alike, whereas the responses of employees appear to be limited to stock responses.

Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus, Which One Should You Use?

Why should anyone pay if free antivirus tools are so great? For one thing, quite a few of these items are free for non-commercial use only; you must pay up for the paid version if you want to protect your business. You should probably consider upgrading to a complete security suite at that stage. It is your company’s security on the line, after all. Moreover, if you have a lot of data stored on your hard drive (important documents, photos, and financial reports), it is always best to keep the data safe with a paid version of antivirus from the malware until it infects files and corrupts all the data stored.


In this comparative analysis of Avast vs Kaspersky, Kaspersky wiped out the floor with Avast. It also did well with generous discounts for new clients and an easy-to-use interface with enough to please beginners and power users alike, earning perfect scores for security. At the current price, Kaspersky offers powerful anti-malware defenses, lightweight and efficient performance, a well-designed and easy-to-use interface, and some excellent internet privacy features.

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