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Uncover a Profitable Niche

Are you ready to take action to create your online presence in 2021? If yes, then the 4 fundamentals can help you identify the scope of any profitable niche in any industry or market.

You are required to follow the defined steps of the 4 fundamentals to find a profitable niche, it works even in competitive niches. The fundamentals are tailored to work with your known computer skills and technology around you.

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The Four Fundamentals


#1. Awareness

Picking the right niche is a commitment that you are ready to produce content that drives traffic on a regular basis. Yet there are some words you need to learn before you take the initial steps to make your presence online. Awareness fundamental makes you aware of new terms, tools, and the right approach to get you started right and remain in the industry for a long time to come.

Before we start!!!!

Ask yourself these questions and make a list of all your answers. It is the key step for making this fundamental approach work for you and identifying the profitable niche as per your interests.

  • What topics engage you to talk for hours with others in day to day life?
  • Do people ask for your advice before buying a product anywhere?
  • Which products you use or used by others around you that are somehow related to your interests?
  • Which products are related to the skills you have or learning in your professional career?

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Before proceeding, make sure you have your list complete and ready for the next process of finding the right niche for your blog or other social media platform as per your interests.

Step 1. Create a niche inter-linked map

Check out images to know how a niche inter-linked map is created, you can search all keywords on any search engine (recommended Google) so you can create a huge map that helps you unlock new niche-related ideas and keywords.

The interlinked map of the niche helps you determine what’s inside and outside of your niche. The categories and sub-categories can define your content and help you create a variety of content for your audience/viewers.

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Step 2. Perform search volume analysis

It is easy to analyze the search volume of a keyword. However, it is important to know why this is useful, and why you need it? Visit Ubersuggest to perform search volume analysis. 

Useful: You get insights from various market tools about how data and numbers tracking looks like.

Get to know how data looks and what terminology is used for analytics; either do something for yourself (if an expert) to monitor your viewer/audience interactions, or use a variety of tools to increase traffic on your website or other social media platforms.

Lastly, it is useful to find a profitable niche that is easy for you to rank on search engines.

Need: Forecasting viewers interest, new trends, viral IOT’s is an essential job if you are in the online industry, if you don’t adapt or make changes as the things change around you then you might lose your viewers/audience.

Search volume analysis helps you determine a variety of new patterns, trends and helps you develop insight to make better content so that you are always 1-step ahead of the competition. Also, it is needed to know your niche size.

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Step 3: Know your competition & niche size

Knowing your competition and what works for them can help you decide your niche too. Imagine, if you know how many pages visits your competition have, then you can easily determine a keyword similar to the one used by them, create content and have a similar amount of viewers/audience if all goes well.

You should have a list of all the terms related to your niche that you want to work on, then only you will know the niche size and boundaries of your content. In any case, the content has to be relevant on the platform of display else search engines won’t rank it on top search results. 

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Step 4: Select a niche and determine the boundaries of your content

If you have followed any of the steps mentioned above, then you must have some great niche ideas. You might be excited to select a niche based on its scope for the coming years and the one that is more profitable.

However, it is advised to select a niche that is contained in the boundaries of relevant content. If you cannot hire a freelancer for you to write, then chances are you will not have great ideas to make relevant content as per your selected niche, and bad content will only attract a few viewers/audience.

Further, if you know your niche size then you have the advantage of planning various things for your website or pages, and your content will always be relevant and within the boundaries. It also reduces time to think about the content ideas, and gives you more time to grow traffic, get leads, and make more sales conversions.

#2. Investigate

Investigating should become a common practice before trying to promote anything. You are expected to check all of the keywords you can think of according to your niche, finding all of these keywords will expose your competitors and improve your awareness of their designs and marketing strategy.

Determine the scope of any niche on the market

The scope of any profitable niche is nothing but content relevance according to the search volume and sub-categories of the same niche. Through reviewing competitor websites and their number of posts or pages as per the niche they advertise, you can easily determine the corresponding amount of content of any niche.

Identify the patterns of a successful blogger’s content in any niche

A successful blogger connects with its viewers/audience. There are various ways to engage, offering free software, manuals, e-books, samples, courses, and prizes. The material of a successful blogger is always relevant to the free stuff or to the items that they sell or promote.

Identify the tools, plugins, and other design elements of a successful blogger’s website

What works for your competition can also work for you. If you know exactly which software, plugins, or other user-interface design elements the competitor is using then you can take advantage of it by looking for equivalent, inexpensive, or better solutions to make your viewers/audience more engaged.

Comment posts segment can help you determine various similar things, read previous comments to gain insight or ask questions about the resources or other stuff the page’s author/admin uses.

Determine the products and services other bloggers promote on their website

You cannot misread the signs right before your eyes. All successful bloggers promote or sell products and services. Almost all those advertisements or ads are graphics (media).

You can easily track the organization that is affiliated with these products or services and check their website if you can sign-up for their partner program. You can also advertise products and services on your website or blog after getting approved.

Check any company offering referral programs or other partner programs

Most corporations have found that the partner programs create a good amount of revenue for their firms by selling more and for the same reason, they allow people to join their partner programs and receive incentives while marketing their services and products.

You can easily check if a company offers a partner program by visiting their website and scrolling down to the footer and clicking on keywords related-to-partner. Else simply search the company name with the keyword ‘partner program’ on any search engine.

Check the amount of content and quality of the content of your competition if already selected a niche

Checking the amount of content helps you know the word limit of different posts, the time taken for each post to be created and the number of promotions on a single post. The numbers may vary according to the different niches, high-quality content always has high page visits.

You can study your competition’s page visits and find out their content quality, just copy the URL, paste and search it on Ubersuggest, and check the numbers to get the insights.

#3. Plan

Planning is the most powerful fundamental amongst all. Planning can help you decide if spending your time creating a website or other social influential page is beneficial to you or not; around a niche you discovered.

Find the number of posts required to publish to get ranking on search engines

Similar niches have similar posting outcomes relating to relevant content exhibited by search engines. Unless you operate on a micro-niche, so the number of posts is not going to be high.

But for other niches, the numbers must be considered so that if you want to outrank your competition, you can plan to post just as much as your competition, or perhaps more.

Calculate the time required to learn new things (write content, SEO, email and social marketing, advertising, search analysis and creating a website)

All of the things listed are correlated to specific skills. Marketing firms typically include SEO experts, content writers, web developers, social media marketers, and data analytics workers working on various websites, newsletters, or other channels.

If you are a beginner and starting your journey in the online industry then it is important to know how long it takes to learn these skills, getting used to them and do everything right for your incredible success. If you are going to do everything for yourself, then remember you will work equivalent to 4-5 employees with different skills-sets.

Calculate the time required to create content based on its length and competition

If your niche size is big or moderate, then you must post content regularly and keep engaging with your viewers/audience until you reach the pinnacle of your online presence. It takes a lot of time to create content, particularly with revisions and edits.

In competitive niches, the time taken to create content is usually high, since you need to know what’s included in the contents of your competition, and you need to make something better than that to outperform your competition.

Plan how to promote the products better than your competition

Even brilliant bloggers make mistakes. You should benefit from their mistake and always remain a step ahead. You are required to find the details or features that your rival does not include for the same product you want to promote or find a different promotional approach that will lead to more conversions for you.

Check if everything is under budget

Everything comes at a price. You are supposed to plan to develop your online presence around a budget, if you get overwhelmed in the creation process then you may end up spending more and purchasing tools or applications you did not need in the first place.

To master all digital marketing skills, you may need to pay for an online course if you want to learn everything step-by-step. YouTube’s free tutorials may deceive you into purchasing content makers promoted products or services, and such videos are seldom organized step-by-step for learning processes.

You should make a list of resources, tools and platform prices where you will be running your website or blog to guarantee that you only spend on what you need and that everything is under budget.

#4. Act

Sort your products list based on identifying companies which offer commissions for promoting their products

To keep track of your profits from your powerful online platform, you’ll need to figure out the list of products or services you promote. The list helps you find other similar products that you can advertise and help you boost your website or page’s overall success rate.

Filter the products list based on the companies you want to be associated with or have millions/billions of consumers

It’s important to sort the product list based on user numbers, as you don’t want to advertise products that don’t sell a lot. The products that are already in high demand can always help you generate more revenue when promoted with high-quality content.

Set-up earning accounts to receive commissions

The partner programs of the various companies are affiliated with different payment gateway providers. You must be signed up on the right platform to get your earnings. So make sure that you have a bank account or other revenue account linked with the right payment gateway or service provider whose products you want to promote.

Earn recurring income with other resources

Finding other income-generating resources is a handful if you are in the online industry as there are several opportunities. With these other resources, you can build your digital products, courses, or programs that can contribute to ongoing revenue generation.

Start producing content

Now that everything is planned and in motion it is time to create content as per your niche. Make sure all the content applies to a particular niche you are promoting and within its boundaries.

Final Thoughts

Uncovering a profitable niche is not as easy as it looks. You have to study a lot of material in the whole process of finding a profitable niche, research on different topics, determine the niche size, find your interest in the niche and plan how to create and promote content. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but with the four fundamentals, you can pick up any subject again-and-again to assess the nature of the particular niche and decide for yourself what suits you.