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Powerful Email Extractor
By Matt
September 14, 2020
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Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful email extractor tool that extracts email addresses along with the usernames from web pages. If you want a successful email campaign, the first step towards it is to get a targeted email list. You just need to add website addresses to the software, and you will be harvested with thousands of relevant email addresses within just a few minutes. With this user-friendly software, you can also use its filtering rules, which will certainly match your needs perfectly.

Software Overview

The quality of the compiled customer database is the key feature of any effective mass mailing campaign. When we talk about email hunter, it helps in creating a high-caliber database from both websites and search engines.


Targeted Search Using Keywords

The database of your targeted audience is compiled by the email collector. In case you do not have any list of necessary websites to search, you can just mention a specific keyword, and rest the program will find you all the related websites and emails.

Search on a Specified Website

If you want to harvest email addresses from the website address that you already have, you just need to enter the URL and the software will collect all the emails for you that are available on it. 

Search on Website by Keywords

This means you target the search with the Email Hunter. For this, you have to enter the URL of the website and the keyword that you are looking the results for. The software will then find all the pages that include that specific keyword. The required email addresses will be then extracted from those pages. This way you will be having a free and reliable email list that is beneficial for long term use.

Get Phone Numbers from Web Pages

Extracting phone numbers from web pages is one such feature that is missing on Email Hunter. But you will find this feature on Atomic Lead Extractor. This software gets you both emails and phone numbers.  

Search in List

If you are already having a list of websites that you want to extract emails from, the only thing you need to do is to define a list of sites. You do not even have to wait for one process to complete to start another one. That’s the plus point – they run one after the other. The end result will give you a list of extracted emails from all the mentioned websites.

Search on Facebook

This software can search and extract email addresses from Facebook even. This is done as easily as it performs the task on any other website. You first need to use Facebook plugin to look for a wide number of your potential or targeted clients contact data. Apart from this, you can also look for groups that match your interest, copy and paste their URLs into the software. The software will then easily gather all the available email addresses from those specified Facebook pages.

Built-in Plugins

Mailbox plugin is known to extract email addresses from a user’s existing email account in an effective and efficient manner. Using this plugin the software will scan all the email messages available in the mailbox and get you the email addresses from Hotmail, Gmail, etc. There are other plugins too that do wonders when it comes to extracting email addresses. Such as Yelp plugin, Facebook plugin, twitter plugin, etc. All of them are quite different in terms of their features but are known to deliver excellent results.

Search Engine Settings

There are 68 search engines included in this software. Amongst all, 5 of them are used for search by default. The software gives you the liberty to choose the ones you want to use in the email extractor as per your needs and requirements. You will be able to find them in Settings/Search Engines section. It allows you to select as many as you want to.

High Speed

Email Hunter is designed in a way to work in a multithread mode. This means it can open various pages at one time. You have to select a search type for process optimization. The search type available on the software –

  • Fast Search – It is meant to extract fewer emails with a faster pace
  • Detailed Search – It is designed to extract more emails with a comparatively lower pace

In both modes, you can increase the speed of the search by setting the number of threads, timeouts, and retry counts that you are required to access the website.

Powerful Email Extractor- Software User Interface


The software works like a charm to gain insights on the competitors of your niche. This powerful email extractor will not let you down if you know what you are looking for and give you results as expected from it. The free trial allows you to test the software for free and decide for yourself if it is good for any investment or not.

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