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LivePatrol – A Leading Provider of Live Video Monitoring
By Matt
September 29, 2020
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Livepatrol is a well-known leading provider of highly developed remote live video monitoring and access control management.

When it comes to the protection of people, assets, property, etc., it goes beyond having access to the most effective security equipment. Having full control over that system and making use of its highest potential is what is required.

LivePatrol is one such provider that understands the difference between a poorly managed system and a highly efficient one. It works with the motto of assisting its clients to take their security a notch higher by incorporating live video monitoring services into their security systems. Having various services to offer, LivePatrol can also customize security systems to meet the specific needs of the clients.

Full Property Coverage

With the understanding of the seriousness of continuous property surveillance to protect our property from theft, do we consider the cost too? Security guards are beneficial but are expensive too with the annual cost of approximately $100,000 for round-the-clock services. CCTV camera systems on the other hand do break in price but they have less reliability in the situations of troubles. As per the latest advancements in the technology, LivePatrol is the one that offers the apt solution – live video monitoring services that are cost-effective and efficient. You will get full site coverage 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The initial step is to install special video analytic cameras that will give you live recordings to its effectively trained video surveillance monitoring operators. The LivePatrol’s technicians make sure that the site is properly secure with lesser blind spots, thereby covering all the angles of the site. Moreover, the alarms are directly sent live to the remote video monitoring station whenever a person or a vehicle enters the site when the video monitoring is in process. This helps the video operators to respond immediately to further investigate the reason for the alarm turning on in more detail. This initiates peace of mind and comfort for the clients that their site is always being watched and under protection.

Fastest Responsive Times

You will always find LivePatrol beside you whenever you need it. The team at LivePatrol with the help of constant video surveillance monitoring can immediately intervene whenever any irregular incident takes place. The remote video monitoring feature with the response time of 10 seconds for over 95% of all alarm alerts allows the team to contact the appropriate authorities. Considering LivePatrol to be one of the best live video monitoring companies with live footage of potential intruders, police always keep its calls on a top priority of level 1, which ensures their immediate arrival on the spot. This major reduction in the response time has initiated in the reduction of the opportunities for trespassers to cause any damage or escape with valuables.

Detailed Reporting

With LivePatrol, you will have modern and sophisticated security monitoring services. You can easily keep a check on events and can also create archives. You can effortlessly gain all the detailed reports of happenings on your site with its customized incident reports. Its live monitoring system also helps you in retrieving previously recorded videos of any irregular activity and can easily share them with the concerned authorities for further investigation to take place. The industry-leading live video monitoring services of LivePatrol allows you to take control like never before.

Stay Updated While On the Go

With LivePatrol, you will have live video monitoring in the palm of your hand wherever you go. With its remote video monitoring app for Smartphones, and desktop software, you can view your property from anywhere you head towards. You can easily see in real time between your camera feeds that what’s happening on your property. LivePatrol offers you the comfort of knowing that your properties and sites are being diligently watched.

System Health Checks

You will always find LivePatrol’s monitoring system in good hands with its team of efficient technicians round the clock. The camera feeds are tested diligently and in case there’s an issue they are resolved very quickly with no additional cost to you. With LivePatrol, you can take your live monitoring system to the next level.

Live Concierge Services

LivePatrol’s concierge services are meant to add a level of prestige to the residential and office building alike. With this, you can save on the overall cost of security, staffing, and maintenance. Its concierge services include the following features –

  • Building security monitoring
  • Amenity bookings
  • Service requests
  • Incident reporting
  • Package tracking
  • Media library
  • Parking, Bikes, and Locker management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Resident announcements
  • Quick votes
  • Community calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Themes
  • Newsletters
  • Unit Profiles
  • Live video monitoring

Wrapping Up

Is there anything that requires your supervision? If yes, then order today an ideal live monitoring service for your requirements and stay informed and protected. You will have new and advanced safety monitoring systems with LivePatrol, get a quote now for your requirements.

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