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Lenovo vs Dell Laptops – Which Brand to Choose?
By Melissa
October 20, 2020
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Dell and Lenovo both are known to produce quality devices in an assortment of designs. In this article, we will be talking about Lenovo vs Dell laptops, their features, and which brand you should opt for.

Crucial Differences between Lenovo vs Dell Laptops

Components of Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo favors Intel processors in their majority of the devices that perform well with some excellent speeds. Their budget laptops are designed with dual-core processors and their high spec models are designed with quad-core processors.

In some of their laptops, they have installed MediaTech processors like Flex 11 Chromebook.
When we talk about graphics, Intel is on priority for Lenovo and utilizes its list of HD Graphics processors. Their gaming laptops GeForce processors are used, known for their high performance.

Lenovo laptops are prepared with various sizes screens but they lack high-resolution screens. With clear and bright displays, their many models lack the resolution of similarly priced laptops.

Lenovo also comes up with touch screen laptops and most of their laptops are full HD. Most of these laptops have good battery life that ranges from 5 to 10 hours. This depends on which device you use and what are the tasks that undertake. This makes these devices a good choice for users seeking portable laptops. Some of their laptops use 6-cell batteries that perform far better than the 3-cell batteries.

Components of Dell Laptops

Dell comes up with various types of laptops that aim at all corners of the market. They use varied processors like Intel and AMD. Their lower-priced laptops come with dual-core processors. The gaming laptops and higher-spec devices are installed with quad-core processors.

There is a range of screen sizes available on Dell laptops. The budget models with 11” screens are true high definition while their gaming laptops have the largest screens – 17”. These laptops have striking picture quality and full HD resolution.

Dell uses both NVIDIA graphics processors and the AMD Radeon in their machines. Both come up with a good track record and are as per the industry standard. Dell complements well with the power sources as many of its devices only have 3-cell batteries.

Design of Lenovo Laptops

If we see the current range of Lenovo laptops, they are available in an array of designs – both functional and pleasing to the eye. Their Chromebooks are sleek and stylish while their Yoga range of 2-in-1 devices is some of the best-looking ones available in the market today.

Their ThinkPad assortment aims at the business sector and is designed to be durable and attractive. If we see their IdeaPad range, it is also attractive, lightweight, and portable, and comes with stylish black casings.

One thing that the consumers will not get is a range of color options. Their laptops come in black and silver finishes only while the other manufacturers offer an assortment of colors.

Design of Dell Laptops

Dell has always come up with laptops that are durable, well-made, and functional. If your demand is for slim and shiny laptops, Dell is not the company you should lookup for.

Quite conservative in their appearance, you will see a variety of color variations in their laptops that you will not get from Lenovo.

Some of their higher-spec devices come with a little more work at the drawing board. Their Alienware gaming laptops and XPS range are robustly and aesthetically designed.

Price of Lenovo Laptops

No Lenovo laptop is expensive when compared to alike spec models from other manufacturers. You will find budget laptops, notebooks, business devices, 2-in-1 laptops, and gaming devices. The users will have a Lenovo laptop suitable for all budgets because of the noteworthy number of varied models they create.

Price of Dell Laptops

Dell laptops are competitively high in rate and have devices to suit all applications and budgets. They always stay competitive as they sell their products via authorized dealers and not through third-party stores. They provide quality laptops at more affordable prices. It’s highly unlikely that Dell will specifically prepare you a machine if you do not find the one suitable for your requirements in their current range. But purchasing a custom-built laptop rather than an off the shelf device will cost you more.

Major Difference between Both Laptop Brands

As discussed above, there’s not a lot of difference between Dell and Lenovo, considering the specifications, price, and performance.

Both brands provide a good range of laptops that attract to the markets from all corners. They are competitively priced as well.

But the major difference that separates both brands is the excellent customer service that Dell provides.

Final Verdict

It is important to do your homework and make cautious comparisons – whichever brand you choose between Lenovo vs Dell laptops.

Go through your budget. Evaluate specifications and read reviews before you decide on a purchase. The more information you have the better equipped you will be to make a choice.

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