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How to Turn off Amazon Fire Stick Manually?
By Melissa
September 2, 2020
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Most of the hardware today is designed with a low power footprint. This includes a few moving parts as possible. Solid-state storage devices like Fire Sticks or Fire TV need a bit of electricity and can work for weeks without any issues. Sometimes, you might run into application slowdown, networking problems, or some other minor glitches. The only best way to deal with such issues is to learn how to turn off Amazon fire stick to reboot and clear out all the errors.

Steps of How to Turn off Amazon Fire TV Stick Manually

Stay Safe and Incognito with a VPN

Losing your private information to some hacker or third-party government agency is one of the scariest things. But unfortunately, you will see this as the most common thing in today’s digital world. If you go online today, it means disclosing your location to your identity and browsing habits. If you are just streaming on Fire TV, it might be possible that an ISP is recording your information and selling it to the highest bidder.

But you do not have to be a victim of these capturing of privacy. For this you need a good VPN running in the background to stay safe and hidden online. VPNs are known to encrypt data before leaving your device. It also locks down your sensitive information so that no one can monitor your activity. VPN helps keep your streams invisible and your identity a secret.

Settings for Fire TV – Always-on and Power-Down

Most of us turn off our devices when they are not in use. Fire TV was intended to take benefit of always-on mode so that it can download updates in the background. If you leave it on for weeks or maybe for months, there’s no harm at all. However, you will see some benefits from rebooting or shutting it down.

Turning off your Fire Stick – Benefits

Most of the Fire TV users just do fine while leaving their device on forever. This allows Fire TV to perform maintenance duties, download app updates in the background. Also, it checks for and installs a new operating system released.

It is extremely useful that it checks for updates faster by turning off and on again rather than its automatic timer. Also, the cache is cleared out and it speeds up sluggish navigation and video streams. A quick reboot will help you clear up small errors and makes it a speedy fix to handle deeper troubleshooting problems.

When the Fire TV is in sleep mode, power consumption is minimal. Turning off the device does eliminate the slight drain of vampire devices, keeping you environmentally friendly.

Is it Secure to Turn off the Fire TV?

Turning off the fire TV is secure. A large number of users turn off their Fire TV manually regularly – not having any unfavorable effects. Some people think that repeated and long term use of power down features could lead to firmware and hardware issues. But to date, there’s nothing that has been reported reliable. It is better to leave your Fire TV on and in sleep mode.

Manually turning off your Fire TV

Fire TV devices are designed with a power button. Following are the tips for shutting them down –

Method 1 – Turning off Fire TV by Pulling the Plug

It is safe to pull the plug on a Fire TV device to cut power and turn the device off manually. Either you can take out the plug from the wall outlet or remove the cable out of the Fire device. You just need to go back to the Fire’s home menu and turn it off by removing the power plug by hand.

Method 2 – Use a Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the hidden methods of turning off a Fire TV is by using a paired Bluetooth keyboard accessory having a built-in power button. This method is generally reserved for turning on PC-like devices or waking hardware from sleep – on some models only. Just by pressing the power button, it will cause the Fire Stick to shut down. Many times, this command is tucked away under an alt-function. This means that you would have to press FN + Esc to shut down the Fire TV.

Alternative 1 – Reboot the Fire TV

Alternative 2 – Put Fire TV to Sleep

Alternative 3 – Factory Reset Fire TV

Wrapping Up

Both Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are extremely low-powered devices and high entertainment pieces of hardware. Minimal footprint and attractive price tag, both give access to a vast world of streaming content without being a burden on your electricity bill. Rebooting and turning them off is not difficult. They are the best way to resolve any trivial issues you happen to run into. We hope that this article helped you understand how to turn off Amazon Fire Stick manually.

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