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How to Create Amazing Instagram Bios to Gain Followers?
By Shannon
September 21, 2020
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Your Instagram bio helps create that impactful first impression. Many people scan your bio and photos before deciding to follow you. Amazing Instagram bios let people decide to engage with your content. The major task is to figure out an interesting bio for your account. And here, with this article, we will provide you detailed information about what a bio is, how you can write one, and some of the amazing Instagram bios tricks.

What is Instagram Bio?

The small area underneath your username is where your Instagram bio is displayed. It is provided to share some of your details or your brand’s details. You can include a short and crisp self or brand description, contact information, emojis, hashtags, and more.

To give you an appropriate example, go through the profile of Marie Forleo. She has a strong Instagram bio. The first line she used to describe who she is – CEO. Writer. Fancy Dancer. She just highlighted some of her roles. The second line of her bio is used for social proof ‘Named by Oprah “Thought leader for next-generation”. This is one sentence that could convince people to follow her. The third line of her strong bio includes what she does by telling people what she can offer ‘Learn to get anything you want’. And going forward to the last line, it includes her CTA which mentions ‘Free Download’, pointing down to her link. She did it more smartly by including two emojis to make the content easier to read and draw the attention of the people to a focal point. Her bio formula is worth copying if you are looking for a cool and strong bio for girls.

Tips to Create Amazing Instagram Bios

There is no hard and fast rule to create an Instagram bio. You can create it in any way you want to. Here in this area, we will be discussing some of the tips you might want to add based on famous bios on Instagram. These tips will make you an Instagram master.

Incorporate a Self Description

It is important to include self-description in the Instagram bio to create the best one. This includes information like – your job title/titles, and the firm you own or work for. To get a clear picture of this, you can check out the Instagram bio of Queen Latifah. In the first line, she mentions, “Actor/Rapper/Singer/Producer”. When people will visit her page, they will automatically come to know that she is much more than just an actor. There are major chances that this will persuade the visitors to check her other gigs to know more about her. Also, the little blue tick on her page will tell the visitors immediately that she is famous. Her Instagram bio teaches us that you can learn many things about a person even through a short description.

Include your Interests

It takes seconds to scan an Instagram bio. To create a good first impression, you must connect with your audience. But the question that arises is how this can be done. It’s simple, share your interests! Let’s take an example of the profile of Paola Antonini. Her Instagram bio shares a slight hint about who she is and what her Instagram profile is all about. You will figure out her interests as she mentions “Lifestyle| Travel | Gratitude”. The word gratitude in itself leave the visitors intrigued. To create the best Instagram bio, you should make it easy to read and mention your most enticing interests. This makes for the two very important Instagram bio tips that are must to follow or copy.

Mention your Contact Information

Your Instagram bio must include your contact information if you are the owner of a fan page, business, or you are a public figure. Many people write ‘For business enquires, email’ You can also ask people to DM. There is an app company – A Color Story. They have included their email address in their bio that calls for easy communication, making it an interesting Instagram bio. Social media’s main purpose is to be social. Therefore, including your direct contact information is one of the must-follow Instagram bio tips.

Add a Call to Action

No matter if you are a business owner, or an influencer, adding a call to action to your Instagram bio is a must. That one link you have got should be included for users to click on. Throwing in a direct request to ‘check out my latest blog post’, sign up for courses’, or maybe ‘shop the latest products’ is a must. Go through the profile of ‘Tony Robbins’ and you will get it more clearly.

Some Other Tricks That You Can Try

Instagram Bio Fonts

To get interesting fonts for your Instagram bio, there are various applications available in the market. LingoJam to be the best one allows you to easily copy and paste varied Instagram bio fonts for your profile.

Instagram Bio Symbols

For Instagram bio symbols, you will see various applications out there. CoolSymbol is one such app that allows you to copy and paste symbols and fancy texts with a symbol click. This application comes with uncountable symbols from stars, arrows, copyright, bracket, hearts, zodiac signs, etc.

Instagram Bio Link

You must already know how to include your website link to your Instagram bio. But how about when you want to include more than one link? Linktree is a cool website that helps you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. You just need to log into your Instagram, sign up for a free plan, and include the links you want.

Instagram Bio Space

Apps4Life is a free application that helps you add line breaks to your Instagram bio. You can simply click on the Convert button to add it to your clipboard. You can then just switch to your Instagram account and paste the text directly in your Instagram bio. This is the simplest way to have an Instagram bio space.

Final Verdict

To create amazing Instagram bios follow the tips and tricks shared in this article. You can also create different versions of bios for your Instagram account and compare them to see which one suits you the best. It does not take too long to work on the bio description of an account, anyone can create amazing Instagram bios with help of the internet.

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