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How to Crack Excel Password or XLS File Password?
By Matt
September 1, 2020
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It is annoying that you want to use an excel file that is protected by a password and that you have forgotten its password. If the file is required urgently then it can be a roadblock in your progress. There are numerous methods to understand how to crack excel password.

If you need your document password-protected, you must re-save and protect it after cracking the password. In this article, we will be emphasizing on the cracking part.


Removing the password from an excel document simply means saving the file in a manner where it does not have a password anymore. Breaking the password in easy words just means gaining access to the file and the data it contains. There could be a case where the password is broken in the way of removal or broken in the way when it is being cracked.

Crack sounds like broken but think hack! If you are cracking the forgotten password, it just means that you are figuring out the password to get access to the particular file.


The various software programs and other options available today will only give you a dead-end or some sort of limitation. Let us take an example – that thing will work for Excel 2007 version but not in version 2016 or Mac. There are also the chances that they will work for protection within the worksheet but not when you are unable to open the file.

Surprisingly, the software options that will work for such items will also work for the traditional Excel programs.

So, the question that arises for you here is that why would you buy two programs or even a single program for the new files and messes up your system with a free program for the older files when you don’t even need it?  

To keep it all easier, the following are the ‘free’ options that might help in removing the password from the Excel file. These programs are such that will save you from having to pay or even install anything – keeping it simple for the users. 

How to Crack Excel Password Using Free Methods

Below are some mentioned methods that might allow you to keep your wallet closed that you can try gaining access to the lost password. There are no guarantees, but it is a place to start. But before jumping to anything, keep two things in mind –

  1. If the time is limited and you are looking for an easier route, you should go straight to this free solution.
  2. The excel encryption before the 2013 version was less complicated. This just means that it is easy to crack a worksheet that was protected before 2013.

Just make a note not to forget to make the backup of the file under any circumstance. It will be wise to keep more than one backup. Crack the copy of the particular file to make sure that no corruption or damage happened to the original file. Most of these free methods do not damage the file, but it is wise to be on the side of caution.

Two VBA Script Methods

The thought of applying a VBA script method is to work around the password checking mechanism of MS Excel and break the password. You need to fool the program before the process starts. This will happen with the core scripted language of Visual Basic.

This might look the more geeky option but this is perhaps the least involved method which you might want to try first.

With this method, there are a couple of possibilities like in the Mac version; you can simply start editing the file. But the Windows will provide you a temporary password that can be used to unlock the document and you can start editing. At this particular point in time, you will get an option to add a new password and re-save the document with the new password.

XML/Zip Method for Pre-Excel 2013

After preparing the backup of the file, you can go further to use the XML/Zip method to crack the password.

  • What you need to do is to change the extension on the file from Xls to zip to give an impression to the Windows that the file is now a zip file instead of the Excel version. This will give you access to the XML that already exists.
  • Take out the now-zip file and search for the XML file which you will find in the worksheet’s directory.  
  • In the file, look for the term sheet protection, and after finding it; eliminate the tag that encloses it. Generally, a tag starts with ‘<’ and ends with ‘>’. You have to remove the whole tag!
  • Save the still-zip file and rename the zip extension to the actual extension. You will be all set after that and can be able to open and work on the file.

Cons – This method did not perform well, and the research suggests that this method seems to work for the older version of the files. 

Excel Password Recovery

This Excel password recovery tool comes with a user-friendly interface and you do not require having any special technical skills to operate it. The tool settings can be customized as per your preferences. The more accurate information you feed in, the speedy this tool will crack the password. And the good part is that this program is not just restricted to MS Office 2003/2007. It supports MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010, and the older versions too.

Software User Interface


We hope that you were able to find how to crack excel password for your file using the mentioned methods above. If you were unsuccessful in doing so or if you are getting any error message while opening your excel file then educate yourself about it by checking on YouTube or identify the exact issue created by your file and search for it on Google with the Excel software version installed on your machine.

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