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Clickbank University Review- Is it Worth the Hype?
By Shannon
September 17, 2020
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Here, in this article we would be discussing in detail what Clickbank University is and if it is worth investing in. It includes Clickbank University review, which will give you a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

Offering two different training programs for two very different kinds of people, Clickbank University is well-known by all.

They run on one main training which is about publishing your own info-products. This, in simple words means you would generate an ebook or video training series and then market it online. The other training is for the affiliates to sell other’s products online.

What is Clickbank University?

To understand it in simple words, it is a training center and community that educates you on how to create your own info products to be sold online. You can also find out how to market other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

Is the Clickbank University Course Worth Buying?

Many people have figured out that Clickbank is not worth it. The digital product training they offer is pretty decent, but the affiliate training is just plain terrible.

When you search for ‘Clickbank University’, the first search result is their affiliate recruitment page. This shows you everything that you need or want to know about their goals as a company and the funnel they are promoting. If we talk about the quality of the training, it does not include everything that you need to know before you step into the online world. 

Clickbank University Review

Price Overview

You will be charged $47/month for a basic video training and an abandoned forum. It is not worth the price you pay. While you buy the course, you will be asked to buy other products on upsell pages, do not buy those products until you start with what you have paid. You never know what is inside the training or if the training gives you the lessons that you are looking for. There are several better courses available online for understanding affiliate marketing and how to make a website that generates passive income for you. You could start looking for affiliate courses online on platforms like Udemy which have extensive training modules, unbiased information, and teaches you the core activity of setting up an affiliate website at the price of $10.

What’s Inside Clickbank University Members Area?

You will find a few tabs inside CBU 2.0. You are required to fill a form and request it to get access to all the lessons. Vendor training is the main training here. This will teach you how to create a customer avatar, set up a sales page, get your product on Clickbank, and finally scaling your business. You will have access to several videos in each section, ranging from 3-25 minutes long.

Moreover, in the product creation side of the course, you will find some over-the-shoulder style tutorials. You can also get in touch with other members through the Clickbank University Forum and interchange your ideas.

  Pros of Clickbank University

High-Quality Lessons for Product Creation

With Clickbank University, you will have weeks and weeks of lessons that are an amalgamation of face-to-face video, and over the shoulder video.

Website Builder (2.0)

Website Builder could be beneficial for product creators. Helping most of the newbies to be on track, it has a pre-set funnel strategy and landing page builder.

It uses a cookie-clutter style program that helps you build your membership area including the other aspects of your business. This helps in saving a lot of time.

This process is a great way to create a website for your own products integrating with Clickbank. This makes selling the products easier.

Active Community

You can get all your questions answered when the forum is accessible. You will majorly notice that all the questions are answered on a regular basis. Also, experienced members are helping newbies and people are proactively helping each other in improving others’ businesses.

  Cons of Clickbank University

Few Examples of Products & Affiliate Sites

Figuring out what to sell is the toughest thing for someone – for both product creator and affiliate. Clickbank University should invest more effort in showcasing websites and products that are doing a great job.

Few Traffic Examples

Traffic, being the heart and soul of every website, is something that helps you to make money online, regardless of what you sell or what business model you are implementing. The traffic section of Clickbank is limited to just a few videos, Facebook ads, and some pieces of stuff about Instagram.

Few Focused Webinars

The webinars of Clickbank are good in a way and you can get answers to any of your questions. But they aren’t really organized.

Should or shouldn’t you buy Clickbank University?

When it comes to creating a digital information product to sell online, Clickbank is perfectly appropriate. But if someone is interested in knowing how to sell other’s stuff online as an affiliate, this product cannot be recommended. A project of setting up an affiliate website is not a small project. It requires knowledge of 6 individuals all from different backgrounds to do specialize work to create a website and then promote content and affiliate products on it. The whole project comes up with different requirements of tools for email marketing, SEO, website builder, graphic design, and social media marketing. All these tools have different costs, it is recommended to educate yourself which tools you will be using to create your website and decide for yourself if you want to waste the hard-earned money on just the training from a course or invest it in the tools to build you a website.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing is not a small scope industry. It takes time to understand the different roles of digital marketing and put efforts to work on activities in the right way. The Clickbank University review is one the example of online courses that are available to the public on the internet, educating yourself and doing due diligence is required to completely understand the scope of work that you are looking for after buying any online training on the internet.

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