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A Quick Brief on Cheap Social Media Management Tools
By Aakash
September 1, 2020
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The organization is one of the keys to marketing success, so with a social media management tool, whether you are not managing your social networks, or if you are an agency, not managing the social media accounts of your customers, that needs to change today!

In one spot, social management tools can help you manage several social accounts, plan posts in advance, run competitions, track analytics across tools, and the list continues. For your social strategy, these tools really are game-changers!

Any tool, be it the cheap social media management tool or not that is considered must enable you to –

  • Schedule Posts
  • Connect various social media accounts
  • Provide analytics
  • Shorten URLs

In this article, we will be discussing some of the options for small business owners who are looking for a cost-effective social media management tool.

List of Cheap Social Media Management Tools


This tool is designed in a way that it connects a robust list of networks, which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. It also provides robust analytics which also includes sentiment analysis for paid accounts. You will also find URL shortening through Bit.ly integration and can also enable scheduled posts. The most important feature that it includes is that it enables geotargeted sharing to Facebook.

Pricing – This tool is free for 7 social accounts. Its offers plan up to $499 per month for 50 accounts.

Platforms – It is designed with a web application. A chrome extension is also available.

All in all, Viralheat is a flexible social media management tool, worth considering for small business owners.


With the low-cost plans offered by Sendible, you can be able to manage your Google+ pages. This is one of the rarest features offered in any other social media management tool. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Ning, Bebo, and various other options too. The entire range of services offered by Sendible is just impressive. Therefore, many business owners should now be able to manage their social media efforts handily. However, you will not get a free plan with this tool, which is its major drawback.

Pricing – The pricing for Sendible starts at $9.99 per month for eight accounts and offers plans up to $99.99 for 120 accounts.

Platforms – It is designed with web applications and mobile apps for iPhone, and Android both.


The free offer available at Jugnoo is just impressive. It allows you to link up to 20 social accounts that are managed by up to three team members. This also gives you access to web analytics, Google analytics, and social analytics. Highly appealing, leveling up with this tool just costs you $20 per month. You will have a custom pricing model too.

This not so popular tool fresh out of beta has added a few new features recently, which includes link previews and rich media embeds.

Its BufferApp enables you to schedule posts. This is itself a good option to manage social networks for business owners.

In free and low-cost category options, the reigning champion is still the Hootsuite. This is because the widespread use of this tool means there are plenty of plugins and available informational resources.

You can simply skip the number crunching and get straight to the keywords that are confirmed to work.

Pricing – This tool is free up to three team members managing 20 accounts. This goes up to $20 per month for five team members and unlimited accounts. You will also have custom pricing available for larger teams.

Platforms – Web application, and a mobile web version.


Unlike any social media management tool, Engagio is a discovery tool. With this service, you will be able to engage and monitor with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. via an inbox message format. This service is helpful, but it lacks analytics and the capability to schedule posts, which are both critical for small business owners.

Agora Pulse

This tool provides granular management of your Facebook pages. It helps from scheduling posts to managing contests. This is limited to Facebook only.


In beta, this tool helps in monitoring Facebook and Twitter feeds, LinkedIn, and many more. With this service, you will have the ability to engage by posting to linked accounts. It is potentially useful for individuals as small business owners require a tool that offers more holistic management ability, i.e., scheduling posts. Maybe its upcoming pro version will include additional functionality like this.


Taking your RSS feed, this tool helps to make it easy for you to choose stories that would be of interest to your online targeted audience. After choosing the most appropriate stories, you will export the prepared posts to a spreadsheet that directly gets uploaded to HootSuite. With just minimal effort, you will be able to schedule informative, helpful posts to go out over the day while keeping you on the top of the mind of your audiences. This concludes that it is a great tool and works in concert with HootSuite.

Wrapping Up

We know a lot of choices are available here! Fortunately, they all have free plans, so you can explore and find the right platform for your social campaign. You can’t step wrong on a cheap social media management tool at the end of the day, it will probably save you time, improve your social footprint, and maybe even make you some money if you do things right.

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