BigCartel vs Wix: Which Creates A Better Online Store?
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BigCartel vs Wix: Which Creates A Better Online Store?
By Aakash
September 26, 2020
BigCartel vs Wix

If you are someone who is looking for the right platform to sell your services or product online but confused between Bigcartel VS Wix, then this article can help you make a quick decision.

This comparative review is based­ on the value which you get for the time and money you spend on one or the other site to build your online business. You will find out which site offers the right number of tools, easy setup, and excellent customer service to help you make your incredible website faster. But first, let’s understand how Bigcartel and Wix are a bit different from each other to create an online store.


Bigcartel supports a wide variety of creators to create their online store and sell their merchandise online. You can sell your products online with its easy setup and tell your story through a custom blog page on the site. The platform is suitable for small business owners and freelancers.

It is the only eCommerce website builder that allows creators to create their store and sell online for free. It has a simple shop setup guide, which gives you helpful prompts and helps to track the progress of the shop setup. You could never go wrong while setting up a shop on BigCartel; the setup reminders help you complete your shop and always keep the store up to date. However, to reach the maximum potential of your shop, you need to know how to code.


Wix is an all-in-one business solution to create an online store. You can either answer some simple questions to get a designed website in few minutes or choose a template to get started. The setup guide is indeed unique; there are not many platforms that design your site by asking questions. The platform is suitable for small business owners, medium business owners, and freelancers.

It is one of the top website builders which has a functionality of drag & drop feature to customize the site as per user needs. You can start your website within a day with a Wix site builder. There are 500+ pre-designed theme templates to choose from; which are categorized in different niches. You can create custom creative designs with the Wix editor and Wix app store. Wix comes with its line of tools, which helps to enhance the website without spending much time on technical aspects. However, the tools aren’t explicitly catered for online stores, so you must find the useful tools yourself within its app store.

BigCartel vs Wix: Pros & Cons



Let you sell online for free
Perfect for individual products sale


Coding knowledge required for max potential site
Limited theme designs and customization



Highly customizable
Product video can be added


Abandoned products in cart cannot be recovered
Limited shipping and fulfillment services

Website Categories

Category BigCartel Wix
Arts & Entertainment 300+ sites 1200+ sites
Lifestyle 300+ sites 1000+ sites
Food & Drink 10+ sites 1000+ sites
Computer Electronics & Technology 20+ sites 800+ sites

The table above represents the number of categories of websites offered by both sites. It is evident that to create an impressive website, Wix has a wide range of various niche categories.

Benefits Of Setting Your eCommerce Store

On BigCartel

  • Create up to 5 products and 5 images per product.
  • Access customizable templates to build your site.
  • Manage customer orders with few clicks.
  • Know products demand with inventory tracking.
  • Manage the site through Android and IOS devices.
  • Quick setup for a smartphone ready website with all the essentials.

On Wix

  • Design your website the way you want with the Wix editor.
  • Get access to the free fonts library, image editor and website builder tutorials.
  • Integration ready website with 10+ marketing platforms.
  • Turn your site into any language with the multilingual app.
  • Each element of the site gives you drag and drop functionality.
  • Manage the site through Android and IOS devices.
  • The easiest setup for a smartphone ready website with 10+ niche categories.

Other Comparable Features

Parameters BigCartel Wix
Online store Y Y
Multiple payment methods Y Y
Site Analytics Y Y
Website Storage Y Y
Site customization Y Y
Mobile Friendly Y Y
Media Galleries N Y
Product Galleries Y Y
Dynamic Pages Y Y
Custom Domains Y Y
Customized Themes Y Y
SSL Certified Y Y
Social Tools N Y


BigCartel Pricing

Annual Subscription Plans

Wix Pricing

Annual Subscription Plans

BigCartel VS Wix: Online Store Setup Examples

Website Integrations

BigCartel Integrations

Marketing & Promotions apps – Elfsight, Instagram, LiveChat, Lucky Orange, Mailchimp, Zapier

Manufacturing, Shipping & Fulfillment apps – Art of where, Printful, Pulley, Shirprobot, ShipRush, Shipstation

Store management apps – Big Cartel for Android, Big cartel for IOS, Google Analytics, Livechat, Lucky Orange, Pulley, Zapier, Greenback

Apps by Big Cartel – Google domains, Big Cartel for Android, Big cartel for IOS

Payment Processors – Stripe, Paypal, Paypal Credit, Venmo,

Domain Providers – Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, Google domains, GoDaddy, and more.

Wix Integrations

Marketing & Promotions apps – Instagram, Facebook pixel, Google Adsense, LiveChat, Mailchimp, Hello Bar, and more.

Manufacturing, Shipping & Fulfillment apps – Ship station

Store management apps – Wix for Android, Wix for IOS, Google Analytics, LiveChat, Testimonial Builder, Pricer Ninja, and more.

Apps by Wix – Wix for Android, Wix for IOS, Wix Forum, Wix Pro Gallery, Wix Events, Cookie Alert, Wix Video, and more.

Payment Processors – Wix payments, Stripe, Paypal, Square, PayU India, Wirecard, 2Checkout, Braintree, Wordplay, and more.

Domain Providers – Wix, Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, Google Domains, GoDaddy, and more.

BigCartel vs Wix: Rating

Our Rating: BigCartel

BigCartel: Free Online Store Builder

  • User-Friendly [3/5]
  • Customized Design [2.5/5]
  • Website Tools [3.5/5]
  • Sales Features [3.5/5]
  • Customer Service [3.5/5]
  • Value For Money [4/5]

Average Rating

With a 3.5/5 rating, we recommend you to build your first online store at BigCartel for free, if you are trying to downsize your expenses.

Our Rating: Wix

Wix: All-in-one Store Builder

  • User-Friendly [4.5/5]
  • Customized Design [4.5/5]
  • Website Tools [4/5]
  • Sales Features [4/5]
  • Customer Service [4.5/5]
  • Value For Money [4.5/5]

Average Rating

With a 4.5/5 rating, we highly recommend you to build your customized online store at Wix for free and upgrade your account as per your store requirements.

Final Verdict

All in all, the winner is Wix. Wix has a lot to offer; you must have noticed in this BigCartel VS Wix review–it has great features, design quality, pricing model, price plans, and customer support. If you’re looking for long-term asset building and success, proudly choose Wix. For an excellent online store, it has more value for money and time you invest in it.

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