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Best Free Udemy Courses to Master Professional Skills
September 7, 2020
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There are almost 100+ best free Udemy courses ranging from various domains from data science, personal development, photography, health to business. There are 100,000+ courses available on Udemy but only 100+ are offered as free courses.In this article, you will get information about 5 different categories of online courses. 

List of Best Free Udemy Courses

Personal Development Courses

It is not healthy to overlook your personality over other essential skills. Your personality is one such skill that could change your entire career. When hiring for a top-notch organization, employers mostly look for the personal development of a candidate. This makes it very much important to invest in your development skills. You do not necessarily have to spend a huge amount on your development improvement as Udemy includes personal development courses in its free category.

Course NameDuration
Life Hacks to Inspire you to Excel in Business & Life2 Hours
Actualize Academy – Advanced Personal Development Success1.5 Hours
Introduction to Self Development15 Minutes
The Power of Questions1.5 Hours
How to Unlock your True Potential1 Hour
The Magic of Action30 Minutes
Free Life Hacks to Inspire you to Excel in Life2 Hours
Help! What’s Happening to Me?1.5 Hours
The Complete Masterclass for Personal Transformation5 Hours
Mediocre to Magnificent1 Hour

Web Development Courses

It is particularly important to keep yourself updated with the latest web development technologies and trends if you want to master and grow continuously and successfully in web designing. The mistake that most of us make while being in same field is that we stop learning the new technologies introduced in the market now and then. Therefore, these free Udemy web development courses are created so that nothing could become an obstacle in your career growth.

Course NameDuration
Web Development – Complete Fast Track Course29 Hours
Getting Started as a Web Developer1 Hour
Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS and Javascript2 Hours
Intro to Node JS & Express2 Hours 13 Minutes
Web Developer Course on Creating a Business Website5 Hours 7 Minutes
Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network6 Hours 42 Minutes
Create your Own Website in 2 Hours2 Hours 23 Minutes
Fun & Easy Introduction to Web Development1 Hour
How to Register a Domain, Set up Hosting, and Edit Web Pages2.5 Hours
The Complete Responsive Web Design Course3 Hours

Digital Marketing Courses

With the advancement of time, digital marketing has given enormous opportunities to businesses and individual growth. There are various marketing tools available that have made it easier for companies to sell their products to a broad audience. This has made it necessary to have adequate knowledge of digital marketing.

Course NameDuration
Digital Marketing Associate Certification Course2.5 Hours
Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects3 Hours
Free Digital Marketing Basics Course6 Hours
Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels1.5 Hours
Online Digital Social Media Marketing  & Sales Free Training1.5 Hours
Ultimate Marketing and Selling Course20.5 Hours
Free Basic Digital Marketing Certification Program7 Hours
Digital Marketing Strategy0.5 Hours
Digital Marketing Leads Generator1.5 Hours
Digital Marketing Roadmap to Creating a Viral Brand1.5 Hours

Business & Finance Courses

Taking care of finance is the most important aspect of any business. It helps in analyzing new things to invest in, when to invest, and how the profits can be managed. If you are willing to start your own business, you should conquer proper knowledge of business and financial management. If you are just an amateur, there are a few free Udemy business and finance courses that will help you grow.

Course NameDuration
Entrepreneurship – The Making of a Great Entrepreneur0.5 Hours
Online MBA Alternative – The modMBA3 Hours
Introduction to Business Ownership1.5 Hours
Roadmap to the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Toolkit3 Hours
Learn and Master the Basics of Finance3 Hours
Wall Street 101 – Understanding Financial Services1 Hour
12 Steps to Financial Freedom5 Hours
Financial Ratios Simplified – A Practical Guide2 Hours

Excel Courses

There are various applications of Microsoft such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Slack, Teams, etc. that are crucial for businesses. MS Excel is one such application that is widely used in organizations. You can prepare spreadsheets and datasheets for analyzing the financial data. Free Udemy excel courses are useful for the ones working in the accounts and finance department.

Course NameDuration
Useful Excel for Beginners9.5 Hours
Excel Quick Start Tutorial – 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics0.5 Hours
Excel Pivot Table Basics1 Hour
Ten Excel Features Every Analyst Should Know0.5 Hours
Excel for Accountants – Mapping Tables0.5 Hours
MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional in 1 Hour1 Hour
Best Excel Shortcuts in 30 minutes – Be the Master in Excel0.5 Hours
Excel 2016 Pivot Tables – Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel1 Hour
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 20101 Hour
Microsoft Excel – Improve your Skills Quickly1.5 Hours

Final Verdict

The above mentioned best free Udemy courses are available online. There are various other courses, tutorials, and certifications that are also available that you can avail as per your interest and requirement. All you need to do is check for these course names on the Udemy website to learn any of these courses.

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