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Avast vs Norton -The Perfect 2021 Antivirus
By Matt
September 9, 2020
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These days, anti-virus software programs are world popular and the users get the luxury of using one or more than one program to safeguard their activities and sensitive information online.

Norton Symantec and Avast Antivirus are the two applications that are widely used. You will get advanced protection both online and offline with these two applications. But if you want to choose one amongst both, Norton antivirus turned out to be the better one.

In this article, we will discuss Norton vs Avast – which program is the best to go for.

Avast vs Norton: Comparable Characteristics

#1. Security

Security is the foremost thing that any user will see before deciding on an anti-virus program. Concerning the security capability of a program, these two applications are highly rated. With Norton, you will get real-time protection from external hacking and virus infection.

With this, there comes an extra security feature that will allow you to protect your private and financial information. A smart firewall is also designed in the Norton application that adapts to the needs of every individual user. It is the most reliable source with its round the clock anti-threat feature.

When we consider the Avast antivirus program, it does not fall short in this regard too. This intelligent program works with a home security network. This is important as it blocks out phishing and fake sites. The password enabler of this application does not allow hackers to break into your system to steal your data easily.

Both the applications are durable and reliable, and you will get 24 hours of protection with both. Norton and Avast are both good programs, but the security features of Avast software are minutely superior to Norton. With its features, you will get a little bit more options for data and user security.

#2. Protection

Both Norton Symantec and Avast offer free and paid versions when it comes to safeguarding a device against the virus.

When we talk about Norton specifically, it is designed to deal with viral infections. It offers users with real-time protection. In simple language, the moment you download and install this program, it will already be up and running in your system. You will also see a device management portal that has specifically been designed to allow you to navigate from one page to another without putting in any extra efforts. This software also allows you to access security reports and analyze threats to your device.

Norton offers round the clock protection to its users via –

  • Real-time virus threat protection
  • An intelligent firewall against hacking
  • Encryption of your details
  • App download security checker

Now when we talk about the protection that you will get through Avast – the starters will get a home security network that safeguards your protection lines from intrusion. Its password will be known by only you, and you can use your system without any fear of negative externalities. Avast also has a durable firewall through which the users will get enough protection for all the data saved on their device.

It also comes with a secure DNS and an intelligent scan feature to scan the viruses. You can either scan personally, or the program itself can run scans periodically.

Avast offers–

  • Safeguards your device with a smart firewall that is password protected
  • An intelligent scan features
  • Cyber capture to offer protection when you are online
  • Safe zone browser
  • Anti-spam feature
  • Home network security
  • Secure DNS

#3. Scanning

Another important aspect of any antivirus program is scanning. By scanning, we mean how a program scans for threats.

Whether it is an entry-level Norton Standard or the advanced Norton 360, the operation is the same when scanning for the virus. The only dissimilarity that you will see is that the advanced version is designed with more features than the basic one. Norton comes with an in-built firewall for system protection. This means this program is designed as a preventive application that in itself explains the existence of an intelligent firewall. All the information is encrypted and can be accessed by you or the one who is given access to.

While we talk about Avast, it offers something alike to Norton but with a minute difference. The internet security version and other advanced versions of Avast come with Sandbox technology to run potentially dangerous files in a safe environment. This will never put your whole system at risk.

It is also designed with a smart scan feature to scan all your files and apps for the virus whenever you wish. The users will also get a password and email filter that helps lock messages and block out spam.

#4. System Performance

It is particularly important to safeguard your system from ransomware and malware. But the level of impact your antivirus program has on the device is also equally important. The users generally have complaints about the system being under-performance after the activation of an antivirus program on their device. This is something to be expected. The requirement for such an application is only as useful as your capability to operate your device without any limitation.

When we compare Norton and Avast on system impact category, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives tests were performed and it was concluded that it’s a tie between both of them when it comes to system performance. Both applications have the least impact on system performance.

#5. Pricing

Avast Pricing

Norton Pricing

#6. User-Interface

A program that comes with an intuitive interface is more in demand as its apt even for the users having limited skills operating a system. In any application development, ease of use is the foremost fundamental aspect.

With the Norton user interface, you get both a desktop and mobile view that too with very less dissimilarity between the two. You will see a big checkmark in green color on the main menu, which implies that everything is well with the device. If there is any problem that occurs, the mark turns into a warning sign. If you want to run a system scan, you will see a quick scan button that can be activated with just a single click.

While Avast, on the other hand, is designed with a modern home page that allows the users to navigate to varied tabs in just a few clicks. The green mark that you will see indicates that your device is virus-free and the red mark signifies issues. If you want to initiate a scan, it can be done from the scan menu. You will see links to acquire all your user information in the settings tab.

Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus, Which One Should You Use?

If free antivirus tools are so amazing, why should anyone pay? For one thing, quite a few of these things are only free for non-commercial use; if you want to protect your company, you must pay for the paid edition. At that point, you should probably consider upgrading to a full security suite. After all, it is your company’s security on the line.


We have a straightforward winner with the comparisons made above in this Avast vs Norton article. Both protect users well, but Norton provides the same value at a much lesser price. It has a modern interface, and the users get more benefits even with its entry-level offer. Avast is equally good, but Norton offers much more for far less price, which makes it a clear winner.

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