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About Us

Extreme Subject is an online publication created to help people make quick decisions to pick and choose the best software or tech-tool for their problems. We review modern trends in consumer technology. Our top priority is to help new users understand the patterns of research so they can easily master any skill. Anyone can find valuable tools on this website which can help create a blog or online business from the ground up.

Our approach of reviewing consumer technology is tailored around the value that users get for the price they pay for a product or a service.

Our mission is to help readers understand how to use social media and their online presence to forecast changing trends in technology and connect to their customers. If you ever wanted to start a blog or create a website but did not know where to start, then you are in the perfect spot. All of our information on this site is available to you for free.

Our Values

Extreme Subject lives on five core values that apply to all we do:

Honesty: We always publish what our testing results say and not what you want to hear from an advertiser.

Judgment: Experts test everything in their fields, and reviews are written. It allows us to make comparisons where appropriate.

Giving Back: In everything we do, we focus on what our readers need to know and provide all the relevant information. We are actively looking for new ways to help the decision-making of our readers and show how to get the most by spending less.

Balance: We know that products and services cost money, and that value is often essential when you’re trying to solve the problems with the new item you’re buying.

Zeal: We’re passionate about technology and innovative products, and we’re going to recommend the ones we think you’ll enjoy owning and get great value out of it.

Our Team

The staff of Extreme Subject is comprised of the best seasoned technical experts. Experts include well-known writers with years of experience in web, software, AV, photography, design, and development. Our experts carefully create content that works based on experience in helping people of technical and non-technical backgrounds.


Matt is a student of Computer Science with a deep passion for security for all the technology. To readers who don’t grasp it well, he loves writing about technology. Matt pretends to be a freelance writer when he is not watching Netflix, reading tech magazines, listening to Elton John, and obsessing over script ideas. He likes to analyze software.


Shannon practiced graphic design, animation, and creation of UX before she focused on engineering and publishing. Two of her favorite activities — figuring out how to learn the latest tech skills quickly and simplification of jargon. Shannon is writing on topics to make the best use of e-learning platforms and technical case studies.


Since graduating from the University, Aakash has been writing about websites. He’s based on everything related to websites at Extreme Subject, giving him a legitimate excuse to spend working hours playing mobile games.


Melissa is a technology writer. Here she checks all electronic items and analyses them. She likes painting and watching unusual movies if she doesn’t prod expensive plastic and metal doodads.

Contact US

In everything we do, we strive to meet our values. If you think we’re lacking, please contact us, and we’re going to do our best to get it right.

Unlike other websites, we use industry-standard methods to assess products/services and carefully review everything that we suggest. We will always tell you what we’re going to find. If you buy from our pricing link, we may get a commission. Tell us what you think – contact us.