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A Study on Five Minute Profit Sites
By Shannon
October 22, 2020
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Five Minute Profit Sites is a hilarious new website that claims to help you make $519 a day.

The website affirms, you can make that much from their ‘done for you’ software, which helps you build a website exploiting a $12.3 million loophole.

The name makes it sound like it helps to make a fortune from the software which will automatically build a website within 5 minutes, helping you make $500 a day. It also claims to tap into a $12.3 million loophole. But that is not the truth. It is a complete farce and you won’t be making anywhere near to that money in 5years with this system.

You will see several such types of websites popping up on Clickbank, but none of them are fruitful.

What is the Five Minute Profit Sites?

If you wish to join the website, you will be required to create an account that costs $37.

You are eligible to get in with a free seven-date test at a cost of 47 per month after you view the sales note.

When you join its free trial, you will be presented with various upsells on a much higher price than when you initially joined.

FMPS Rapid Profits Upsell – This particular offer is for $197 with a $50 discount, which will finally cost you $147. It projects a rapid profit website with unique sections and product reviews. It has affiliate connections for more Clickbank commodities than that of the basic website. You will also be promised with dedicated one-to-one support and free hosting on a rapid server and a free domain name.

FMPS Double your Profits Upsell – You will get this offer for $187. It promises you to get a niche website outside of ‘make money online’. This same is offered for the basic website. This is only offered with the niches that they already have and not your own niche.

FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upsell – This offer costs $97, and will include a step by step plan to get a tsunami of targeted traffic for your website. This isn’t offered to the basic member, which ideally should have been as everyone needs traffic for the websites they are creating.

The Truth about the Website

The Truth about the Website
The website is built by automated software, and there’s no chance for anyone to make $500 per day.
The actual truth is that the entire $12.3 million loopholes are made up, the complete BS designed to make you get excited about buying into their hype.
Only 2 kinds of people are getting benefited from the website and none of them are the users –

  • The owner of the website
  • The Clickbank – who is promoting it for a commission

The weird thing amongst all is that Clickbank is one of the legitimate affiliate networks, who have recently launched Clickbank University too. And they have been lately seemed to have a link with money online scam websites.

Why this Website will Never Work?

This website will not work because making money from a website that just took 5 minutes to work is it sounding even real? This cannot happen ever.

If someone needs to make money online, a real system and a real business have to be there.
There is no doubt when the website says that its software can build a website in 5 minutes. The only thing which just cannot happen is that it will be profitable. This is because the website will not get any traffic and will make zero sales. The truth is you will believe that the website will actually make you money, but it will honestly not.

If the owner of this website gets lucky enough, you might end up waiting 60 days for your website to start making money. At that stage, you would have passed your refund period and the owner of the website will keep the money that you paid.

Is the Website an actual Scam?

Yes, unfortunately, it is. It claims of making $500 per day but this will never happen. So, don’t get fooled into thinking that it’s possible.

The only positive string attached to the website is that Clickbank handles the payment processing, which makes it easy for you to get a refund from them.

Final Thoughts

Five Minute Profit Sites is a scam website that will never allow you to make $500 per day. The only thing that is going to happen is that you’re going to waste your time and money on something that’s actually built to fail.

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