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A Quick Study on Total VPN in Q1 2021
By Matt
September 4, 2020
BigCartel vs Wix

One of the new VPN service providers in the market – Total VPN is growing its popularity at a rapid rate.

This tool offers more than adequate services in varied regards as it feels that it is very necessary as it stands in competition with industry giants.

What is a VPN?

Your machine fires off requests that are addressed by servers nearby and far away as you spend more time online. An outsider can observe this process, allowing him to steal your data or even inject his own. You run this risk if you have ever used Wi-Fi at a coffee shop without VPN protection.

With a VPN, an encrypted tunnel connecting your computer and the VPN server of your choice will protect your network traffic. The data flowing through this pipe cannot be obtained by hackers and government snoops. It enters the open Internet when your data leaves the VPN server, but without your IP address attached. It would not be possible for advertisers and government snoop to say whose data they are looking at.

Total VPN Helps You Use the Internet Safely & Anonymously

Protecting your online privacy and the information about websites accessed which are not available in your country; Total VPN has made its way to the big market in a great manner. It is recommended to use a VPN if you are using the internet through a public Wi-Fi connection like those available in shopping malls, restaurants, café, etc. This is so because a VPN encrypts your connection and safeguards you from various security and privacy dangers.

Simple Installation for all Platforms

No matter what device you use, be it a laptop, smartphone, netbook, or tablet, you can easily take advantage of all that Total VPN has to offer. You just need to install the app and prepare a free account on it. Rest is taken care of by the software itself, which means you do not have to manually configure any connection or network settings. Easy to use the app, you will not face any problem getting it up and running it in just a few minutes. You do not need to be too familiar with how a VPN service works in advance.


Loaded with various security and anonymity features, Total VPN is a great choice for those who care a lot about their private matters. You will be able to create secure connections to any VPN server you want using this app. This will change your IP address and you will be harder to track. As like any other VPN server, you will be provided with an encrypted connection which will not allow any hacker, government agencies, or any other malicious individual to track what you are doing online.

This software lets you choose from an IP address in more than 30 countries. With this, you will be able to easily use the app to access content, websites, and apps which are not available in your location. This simply means that you will get access to use services like Hulu, Soundcloud, Netflix, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, and various others without any limitations.

While creating this app, the developers have taken proper and major care about privacy. Due to which it does not keep any logs of your browsing history. This free app and associated VPN services thereby allow you to use the internet in an entirely private and anonymous way.

  • The US
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Hong Kong
  • Buenos Aires
  • Africa

Another plus point of this software is that it has included all the features that the users expect as standard from an efficient & competent VPN service provider.

The Good & The Bad

This free VPN service though comes with a few limitations too. As we discussed above, downloading the app and connecting to the VPN service is free but you will need to purchase a monthly subscription to get access to the app’s full functionality. With the free version, you will get access to the VPN servers in just mere three locations that too with a limited amount of monthly data transfer. Adding to the inconvenience, you will not be able to download larger files and cannot even watch various streaming videos too.


  • Protects your online security and privacy
  • You will find its servers in 30 different locations or countries
  • Allows access to any website or app that you want to use


  • Its free service comes with limited bandwidth
  • The knowledge base is ridiculously small

But the good news that comes with that is the premium service or the subscription is affordable. You can also be able to use your VPN account on three devices at the same time.

Sadly, the bad news is that Total VPN is no longer available. The website does no longer exists. Using the Total VPN for a non-existential service is not recommended. Going with either Nord VPN or any other VPN is suggested.

Final Verdict

We do not know whether or not the Total VPN will be back. But you can look at several alternative VPNs and find a suitable VPN for yourself. One of the best VPNs recommended by our experts is Nord VPN. Today, you can try the VPN and start spending your time online with more security than ever before.

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