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A Quick Guide on Speakers Made in USA
By Melissa
September 26, 2020
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Most of the companies do not manufacture audio devices in their states because that’s really expensive. The American-based companies though focus on top-notch audio equipment and do not just mass-produce products.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the popular companies manufacturing speakers made in USA that will give you a glimpse to pick your favorite American-made audio equipment. 

List of Speakers Made in USA

YG Acoustics

YG Acoustics is one such company that is specializing in high-end-floor-standing speakers for the past 15 years. The speakers made by this company are not tuned or artificially influenced in any manner. Its speakers are built in such a way that they work extremely well with any type of music. Moreover, various other audio manufacturers have also purchased these speakers to use them as a reference while testing other equipment.

Mc Intosh

Comes up with hi-fi wireless speakers, amplifiers, receivers, headphones, and even turntables, Mc Intosh’s audio products are known to last. Some of its products are even being used today for 40+ years maybe with little or no service work performed on them. The products are Mc Intosh are generally handed down from one generation to the next, thereby adding more value to it.


Since 1946, Klipsch has mastered in home and professional audio systems. When we talk about the reference and heritage line of its speakers, they are known for their high efficiency and low distortion. These speakers are really loud ones. They are not specifically tuned for only American music but are voiced for all genres of music. This however promotes a neutral and dynamic accuracy of sound reproduction. The only motto of this well-known company is to generate natural sound that touches people emotionally.

Thiel Audio

Thiel Audio is a 40 years old speaker manufacturer that is popular for its attractive, high-end loudspeakers. Recently, it has taken over the wireless home speakers’ market too just in competition to Sonos, Polk Audio, and Mc Intosh. All its speakers are designed to deliver top-notch audio just close to its originally designed sound performance.

Avalon Acoustics

The clients of Avalon Acoustics are basically all beginners, the sophisticated and cultivated music lovers that search for purity and accuracy of the original performances. The company is known to create innovative and design-focused loudspeakers. Some of them cost a few grand while others are the most expensive speakers available on the entire planet. But if you want to play for an unmatched musical experience, you will go to any lengths!

DeVore Fidelity

This is yet another high-end audio-based company known to deliver the life-breath of music. Though this is a young company, yet its products have pulled down critical kudos over the last half-decade. The products that it comes up with are all highly crafted, attractively designed, and extraordinarily clear and articulate.


Magnepan is into manufacturing innovative and world-class stereo speakers for the past 43 years. Since then, it can find its way into the homes of music lovers across the world. If you are amongst the ones who listen to the bass carefully, nothing less than the Magneplanar would attract you. It is the only full-range dipole that produces bass and midbass definitions that too at a reasonable price, size, and even reliability. Also, if you have oodles of appreciation for dipole sound, you have to head back towards conventional dynamic speakers like the ones designed by Magnepan, no matter where else you wander.

Ohm Speakers

Using unique technology to make music sound better than the live performances, Ohm speakers is yet another popular audio equipment company to rely on. You can enjoy the sound of its speakers from almost every listening position if it’s playing in a single room of your home. It is almost about 40 years and the praises have never stopped sweeping in. It has currently come up with speakers for rooms as small as 9”x12” to the larger ones as 25”x40”. It offers the right designs for both music and home theatre. You will find its physical layouts that range from floor-standing to wall mounts. Even it offers customization of center-channels and sub-woofer, and also for complete amalgamated music or theatre systems.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best speakers made in USA offering top-notch and dynamic range design that you can choose from as per your needs and requirements. Go for the best one to have a hi-fi sound experience in the comfort of your home.

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