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A Quick Guide on ECAMSECURE’s Remote Video Monitoring
By Matt
October 30, 2020
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ECAMSECURE’s remote video monitoring targets the audiences who are looking to have footage of incidents with real-time intervention. The company has all the state-of-the-art cameras including pan, tilt, zoom, thermal, etc. that will take care of any security needs. The cameras have a sophisticated alarm and video analytics that alert the UL-Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Command Center. This allows the relevant authorities to get notified about an incident that has occurred. 

The videos are maintained by the proprietary video surveillance service in both the Command Center and inside the individual units. It allows the Command Center to fulfill a full data review and delivering the incident for legal purposes on request.

Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

  • Access Control
  • Offers entry assistance with video confirmation
  • Verify identity and authorization
  • Offers real-time intervention
  • Offers snapshots and video clips
  • Intrusion Detection

Whenever a video alarm signal is received, the foremost thing that takes over is to confirmation of the actual intrusion or to identify if burglary is in progress. If it has been decided that there’s an actual threat, the responding agency is provided with a suspect or vehicle description. The company intends to help in the capture and prosecution of the person or maybe persons involved in the intrusion. The only intent here is to keep your property under safety measures. This persuades the company to cooperate with the private agencies or law enforcement to help them identify the actual responsible party.

Maintain the Record of the Intrusion

The users, police, anyone in action, or the prosecution will immediately receive snapshots and video clips of trespassers. In case any other action is required to be taken from the company’s side, it will instantly be taken into consideration. Protecting the property and the protection of those who occupy it is of the utmost importance for the company.

Remote Video Surveillance

In case of an emergency, remote video surveillance could be of a huge advantage. It becomes easy for the off-site personnel to survey multiple angels at once, determine the exact situation, and just the apt information relay to authorities. The incident footage off-site is stored by the Command Center and a copy can immediately be sent to you. This ensures that the footage of any incident will always be retained, no matter what the circumstance would be. This video monitoring service permits you to monitor your site via any device. You will even experience a clean and easy to use interface. 24/7 site access will be provided by the company’s remote surveillance. This allows the users to keep an eye on planned activities, validate issues brought up by employees, or simply just check in your property – irrespective of your physical location.

System Health Monitoring

It has been proven that ECAMSECURE’s surveillance systems are the most reliable ones available in the market today. The systems in place monitor the user’s security hardware by ensuring that everything is always in perfect working order. These systems are even able to perceive a variety of various issues, making your security surveillance less efficient.

Connection Failure

The users need to make sure that all the security hardware is connected. The systems of the company ensure that all the cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and access control systems are connected perfectly offering you peace of mind every second.

Other Issues

Issues Related to Camera

Before any shift starts, the monitoring specialists make sure that the cameras are set up properly, giving a clear and proper image of your site. Necessary steps are immediately taken if any problems related to the camera occur, thereby ensuring that the cameras are in just the right sight of what you want to safeguard.

Issues Related to Recording

There ought to be some rare recording issues, but this is notified by the systems in place the moment any camera stops recording. Once it has been verified, immediate actions are taken into consideration to rectify the situation occurred.

Date & Time Inaccuracy

It is very crucial to have the correct date and time on surveillance videos. If someone is reviewing footage of any incident, the timestamp is one thing to rely on to know what time of the day or night the event took place. The company’s systems ensure that the date and time on your surveillance videos are correct always.

One thing that makes remote video monitoring so favorable is that it fits within your busy schedule well. It gives you on-the-go, real-time access to your live camera view. This way you can keep a check on your property anytime from anywhere.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for remote video monitoring services, we hope that this article has helped you understand the video monitoring features of ECAMSECURE and painted a picture of what to look for when searching for remote video monitoring services on the online market. The best way to learn about the unknowns occurring on your property or in your neighborhood is by remote video surveillance.

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