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37 Divi Modules Examples Explained
By Aakash
October 28, 2020
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Divi modules are content building blocks that are used to generate your website while using the Divi Theme or the Divi builder plugin. In this article, we have explained 37 different Divi modules examples.

Divi Builder modules can be inserted into the columns of any standard row that sits inside a column. The full-width Divi modules can only be added in a full-width section.

Every Divi builder module is created to permit you to add a specific kind of content to your website with ease. You can add content from basic text via contact forms and product listing, with no to code them in yourself.

Once the module is added to the Divi builder, it can be customized with your content and can be styled within the module settings. You can then move the modules by drag and drop anywhere within the page or it can also be saved to be used on another page or site.

Types of Divi Modules

Divi is pre-loaded with 46 modules that allow you to start building your site right out-of-the-box.

37 amongst them are planned to be used within the regular width sections and 9 of them can only be used within a full-width section.

You will also find various third-party developers with additional custom modules that can further extend the building block options and functionality within the Divi.

37 Divi Modules Examples

These modules can be added to any column within the standard and specialty Divi Sections.


It has vertical sections that include hidden content that can be opened on click, with the previously opened accordion section, which was closed as every new one is opened.


This module lets you insert an audio file into the site with an audio player combined with basic player controls to play it.

Bar Counters

With this module, you can add animated horizontal bar counters. But it’s best not to use it to show that you are 83% excel Photoshop.


The blog module permits you to insert posts from your blog anywhere on the page and provides various styling options than you get with the default blog page.


This module mixes text and image icons into one. This is one of the most admired modules in Divi.


With a button module, you can insert a fully customized button anywhere on the page. It controls site-wide button styles through the theme customizer and you can also edit each case as necessary.

Call to Action

It is a mix of a title, body text, and a button. This module is created to obtain your visitors clicking.

Circle Counter

It showcases a single number or % that is characterized in the animated circle graph.


With this module, you will be able to add code to your page like plugin shortcodes or static HTML. It is available as standard and full-width modules.


You can have your blog comment anywhere on your page with Comments Module. This means, you will not just be having the comments below your post content, which is the default setting.

Contact Form

This module lets you add a contact which you can fully customize including the Input options, conditional logic, and field validation.

Countdown Timer

With this module, you will be able to insert a timer with days, hours, minutes, and seconds which counts down to a time you spell out.


You can have a horizontal line or custom vertical spacing on your page with this divider module.

Email Opt-in

This module permits you to add an email list or newsletter signup with ease. You can then connect it to your email programs like MailChimp or Aweber.

Filterable Portfolio

A filterable portfolio lets you display your projects with the choice to live-filter them by category.


You can create and handle image galleries anywhere on your page with this gallery module. You can do it either in a grid or slider style.


With the image module, you can insert the images with light-box, animations, filters lazy-load, etc.


This adds a Divi-style WordPress login form that allows the users to log in-to your site. This is done without redirecting to a branded WordPress login form.


You can embed custom Google Maps just anywhere on your page by using this Map module.

Number Counter

This module showcases numbers via a counting animation and your title ad text.


With this module you can mix text, an image, and social media links that will provide a personal profile.


The portfolio module lets you showcase your projects via options for full-width or grid layout, category selection, and pagination.

Post Navigation

For ease of navigation, the navigation module adds previous and next buttons or text links to your posts.

Post Slider

The Post Slider module allows you to show a slider for your blog posts.

Post Title

The post title module displays the title of your current post, with the option to display the featured image and metadata for the post as well.

Pricing Tables

You can build tables of characteristics and pricing for your product or service with the pricing table module.


The search module allows you to add a search box that will search for website pages and blog posts anywhere on your site.


The shop module allows you to add Woocommerce items by category with display and sorting options anywhere on your web.


The sidebar module lets you view sidebar widget areas on any page and customize them like any Divi module, unlike regular WordPress sidebars.


The slider module allows you to add images, text, and buttons to slides with power, parallax, and video context options.

Social Follow

You can create customizable icon links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (a total of 14 networks) social media profiles with the Social Follow module.


The Tabs module allows you to use the WordPress default (not Divi Builder) editor to create horizontally tabbed content.


The testimonial module allows a styled quote, author name, and (optional) link to their website to be easily added.


The text module provides you with a basic WordPress text editor that can be used anywhere on the page.


The toggle module allows you to toggle open and closed content. For multiple connected toggles, check out the accordion module.


You can embed videos from the upload or URL and customize the thumbnail image and play button with the video module.

Video Slider

You can embed multiple videos from the upload or URL into a slider with the video slider module and customize the video thumbnail images and play button.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you can differentiate all the Divi modules examples after reading this article. Divi is a popular and trusted website builder for WordPress, it can create seamless web pages, landing pages, posts, or any custom design for your website without knowing how to code.

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